Downtown Artesia...where life and art meet

Artesia MainStreet invites you to explore the great things our downtown district has to offer! From monumental bronze statues that celebrate our unique history, to shopping and dining, downtown Artesia is a cornerstone of activity in this Southeastern New Mexico community.

Tour Artesia from your computer! Then, come join us to shop and enjoy our attractions and events! Contact us for more information.

What's Happening

Making Strides

Finance New Mexico outlines the progress Artesia Mainstreet is making. Read the article here.

Wall of Honor

Click here to download the Baish Veterans Park Wall of Honor Application information. Applications will be accepted beginning January 1, 2015. Deadline for submission is March 31, 2016.

Artesia Walking Tour

Go ahead and take a virtual tour of Artesia, NM. Once you're done, come see us, and take the tour for yourself. You'll get to see everything that Artesia has to offer.

Works in Progress

We are working on great things in Artesia. Take a look at some of our current projects. Then, see some of our finished projects in our accomplishments page.

Downtown Merchants

Our downtown merchants are what make Artesia great. Take a look at some of what downtown Artesia has to offer, and take a look at our great list of local merchants.

Spring Activities

As you drive Main Street you may notice that for a smaller city, we have an abundance of bronze statues. This amount of monumental artwork is usually found cities much larger than Artesia and spread over many square miles.   Artesia has one of the best collections of bronze monuments in the United States- all within seven blocks.

Each statue conveys an important message, highlights a period of history, or an industry that is important to Artesia.  The oil and cattle industry, as well as education, and women in history are represented- as well as a tribute to our Veterans.  The statues are a symbol of the hard work of those that have built this area in the past, and those that strive to make it better into the future.
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